We have established for more than 20 years. Initially we only made it for friends and our own consumptions. Our friends like it very much and many of them orders to bring home and also for party. This is when we grow until now.

I got the recipe from a Dutch man, as you know Europe and United States are the expert of ice cream making.

What makes our product interesting is all natural ingredients, no chemicals mixed into it.

We have more than 50 flavours but our favourites flavours are:

~ Durian             ~ Vanilla             ~ Young Coconut
~ Jackfruit ~ Chocolate ~ Kopyor Coconut
~ Corn ~ Cappucino ~ Guava
~ Avocado ~ Black Beans ~ Longan from China
~ Pandan ~ Green Beans ~ Rujak (spicy)
~ Strawberry ~ Red Beans (Oqura)  

Other flavour can be requested by order. Every minimum order of 100 cups of Es Puter we will provide topping as follows: bread, ketan hitam and pacar china.

Products that can be purchased by cup, by litre or by pail are:

  • Es Puter: minimum order is 100 cups or 8 litres (free delivery service)
  • Es Lilin: minimum order is 150 sticks (free delivery service)
  • Es Potong: minimum order is 150 sticks
  • Es Puding: minimum order is 100 cups
  • Es Doger: available flavours are coconut, chocolate, nangka, green beans, durian and red beans.

Es Puter flavours that has to be purchased at least 100 portions are: 

  • Es Teler
  • Es Sarang Burung with China Longan and shaved jelly which looks like bird's nest

Services that we provide:

  • Delivery (only for Jakarta area)
  • Waitress for party (max usage of 3 hours)

We would also like to thank our loyal customers such as catering services, restaurants, offices, individuals, golf courses, and other whom has trust our product as partners.

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